PCB Capability

As a professional service Printed Circuit Board manufacturer,GLOBAL PCB fabricates a complete line of PCB products and services in-house from prototype manufacturing to high volume mass production services.
Just as we always say,"We never make PCB by machines, but only with service by hearts!" To improve our performance,update our capabilities and promote customers’ satisfaction,GLOBAL PCB constantly makes lots of efforts to invest on advanced equipment for better technology,optimize internal system for better efficiency,empower labors for better skills. These efforts finally create sustaining benefits to our customers as well as mutual long term relation.
Category  Description  Capability 
File Formats Gerber files(preferred), AutoCAD, DWG 274-X,274-D, DXF, …
Drill file X & Y coordinates, with tool sizes included
Board layer  Maximum layers  1--14 layers
Size  Maximum finished dimensions  610mm x 890mm
Board Thickness       Standard  1.6mm ±10% (0.062” ±10%)
Minimum and Maximum  0.3 ~ 4.0 mm
Bow and twist  0.75%
Copper  Outer copper weight   0.5oz (17um) ~ 3 oz (105um)
Weight Inner copper wight   1/3 oz (12um) ~ 4 oz (140um)
Laminate Materials  FR4, High TG FR4, Halogen-free FR4, CEM1, CEM3,Polyimide,Aluminum
Drilling  Minimum drilling size  0.15mm 
Drill Deviation (True position size)  2mil (0.050mm)
PTH hole tolerance  3mil (0.075mm)
N-PTH hole tolerance  2mil  (0.050mm)
Minimum hole wall thickness 20um
Angle of Countersink  80°, 90°, 100°, 120°
Etching  Trace width tolerance ±10% 
Minimum trace width / space  3mil / 3mil (0.075mm)
Inner Layers  Minimum space from drilling to inner pattern  6mil (0.15mm)
Minimum space from annular ring to inner pattern  6mil (0.15mm)
Layer-to-layer registration  3mil (0.08mm)
Solder Mask  Colour  green, light green, matte green, white
black,matte black,yellow,red, blue
Thickness  4mil
Silkscreen  Colour  White, black, yellow, red, blue, green
Minimum line width  7mil
Minimum thickness  0.3mil
Board Profilling Hole to board edge tolerance ±5mil (0.12mm)
Pattern to board edge tolerance ±5mil (0.12mm)
CNC Tolerance ±5mil (0.12mm)
Minmum thickness after V-Cut  12mil (0.3mm)
V-Cut tolerance ±5mil (0.12mm)
V-Cut Angle 20,30,45,60
Semi-hole Yes
Surface Finish HASL, HASL pb free, immersion gold, immersion silver,  O.S.P
Test  Visual Inspection  Yes 
Flying probe test Yes
Bed of nails( E-test fixture)  test Yes
Impedance control  Yes
AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) test Yes
Automatic image measuring instrument test Yes
Micro-section Metallographic Analysis Yes
Chemical lab Yes
Metal plating thickness spectrum test Yes
Peel strength test Yes
Electric Strength test Yes
Thermal stress test Yes
Standards and Certifications IPC IPC-A-600G Class II
UL UL E347010
ISO ISO 9001-,ISO 14001-,ISO/TS16949
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  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, UL and RoHS certified
  • 99% on-time delivery
  • 100% electrical test and full inspections
  • Money back guaranteed
  • No MOQ charge, no order is too small
  • Best value-added services including:
    Free DFM,Stencils,PCB Assembly,Components Procurement,Warehousing,Logistics,Technical Support...etc.
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